Kaamakazi: best wedding planners in Lucknow

Wedding Planners in Lucknow

In today’s world of competition, it is a great challenge to select the best wedding planner when it comes to wedding planning for a near and dear one. On this once-in-a-lifetime memorable occasion, taking chances can be risky. There are many event management companies in Lucknow and it could be very challenging to find the best wedding planners according to your budget preferences. Various parameters have to be taken care of, while planning a glitch-free wedding ceremony. First of all, one needs to explore properly for the best wedding planners in the city. The competent planners will be able to understand fully what the client requires out of them. They must know exactly what they have to deliver.

Once the client has told about the budget for the wedding to be planned for, the first and the foremost thing is the venue. It is to be understood what kind of venue is the client’s choice. It has to be in accordance with the number of invitees plus the budget. The client might opt for an open-air banquet, a banquet hall or a place having both indoor and outdoor options. While selecting the venue, the weather forecast around the wedding date should also be kept in mind.

Wedding Décor Experts

Next comes the wedding décor theme. The client might want the place decorated in some particular colour theme, or in accordance with some particular period or era; e.g. the theme can be Retro lifestyle in the 60s or 70s! Other popular themes could be bollywood, traditional, nawabi etc. Amidst flowers and drapes that complement the theme, the lighting has to be perfect to create the desired look and right ambience for photography and videography.

Food & Beverages Catering is another important factor which needs to be diligently taken care of. It includes the serving staff, crockery, the cutlery, table décor, the color and type of the napkins, the menu- including the salad, starters, different cuisines, the main course and also the dessert and beverages which are to be served.

As they say, ‘Memories are Treasures’, so photography is yet another factor to be utterly careful about. Best possible photographers and videographers should be hired within the finances that promise to recreate the event artfully.
DJs, live music and dance performances also need to be selected wisely.
Perfect planners should be able to execute the event with utmost care taking care of the minutest details provided by the client. Besides, they should have aesthetic sense matching with the temperament of the client.

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