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Wedding Planners in Lucknow

In today’s world of competition, it is a great challenge to select the best wedding planner when it comes to wedding planning for a near and dear one. On this once-in-a-lifetime memorable occasion, taking chances can be risky. There are many event management companies in Lucknow and it could be very challenging to find the best wedding planners according to your budget preferences. Various parameters have to be taken care of, while planning a glitch-free wedding ceremony. First of all, one needs to explore properly for the best wedding planners in the city. The competent planners will be able to understand fully what the client requires out of them. They must know exactly what they have to deliver.

Once the client has told about the budget for the wedding to be planned for, the first and the foremost thing is the venue. It is to be understood what kind of venue is the client’s choice. It has to be in accordance with the number of invitees plus the budget. The client might opt for an open-air banquet, a banquet hall or a place having both indoor and outdoor options. While selecting the venue, the weather forecast around the wedding date should also be kept in mind.

Wedding Décor Experts

Next comes the wedding décor theme. The client might want the place decorated in some particular colour theme, or in accordance with some particular period or era; e.g. the theme can be Retro lifestyle in the 60s or 70s! Other popular themes could be bollywood, traditional, nawabi etc. Amidst flowers and drapes that complement the theme, the lighting has to be perfect to create the desired look and right ambience for photography and videography.

Food & Beverages Catering is another important factor which needs to be diligently taken care of. It includes the serving staff, crockery, the cutlery, table décor, the color and type of the napkins, the menu- including the salad, starters, different cuisines, the main course and also the dessert and beverages which are to be served.

As they say, ‘Memories are Treasures’, so photography is yet another factor to be utterly careful about. Best possible photographers and videographers should be hired within the finances that promise to recreate the event artfully.
DJs, live music and dance performances also need to be selected wisely.
Perfect planners should be able to execute the event with utmost care taking care of the minutest details provided by the client. Besides, they should have aesthetic sense matching with the temperament of the client.

When looking for best and expert wedding planners, Kaamakazi Solutions Lucknow can be a one-stop to cater your needs. To boost your occasion and to handle your D-day meticulously, Kaamakazi is your go-to event management company in Uttar Pradesh. Why not try us out once so that you may not have to look beyond, when it comes to your special occasions! Assuring you a happy, glamorous and memorable event, Kaamakazi will ensure a delightful experience for you and your loved ones.

An open air event setup executed by kaamakazi solution - full-service event management company in lucknow

Looking for full-service event management company in Lucknow?

Event management is all about studying the brand and its target audience to develop a concept that strikes a chord with everyone. This is what Kaamakazi Solution – the full-service event management company in Lucknow that offers event management services throughout the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Events, no matter how big or small, can be a stressful affair. Right from finalising the theme to getting the smallest detail right – everything can seem like a humongous task. Even a small scale event, a birthday party for example, will have several elements and missing out on even one can spoil the essence of the entire evening. And for large-scale events that have a longer guest list, the precision required is even more thorough.
Sounds difficult, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whatever the event is – a wedding, a product launch, a fashion show or any corporate event – it is your big day and you shouldn’t have to spend your time fretting over the specifics. You can leave that to us instead.

Kaamakazi Solution Pvt. Ltd. is an event management company based in Lucknow. We offer full-service event management capabilities that include: Corporate Events, Product Launches, Road Shows, Rural Activation, Live Concerts, Fashion Shows, Audio Visual, Managing Artists, Décor Lights & Sound Solutions, Fireworks, Floral Decor, Tenting, Wedding and Catering.

At Kaamakazi, we associate with our clients not just as event planners but as partners to support their goals. We work tirelessly towards achieving the correct balance between management, immaculate organisation skills and creativity – something that we believe is the right recipe for a successful event.
Our comprehensive and strategic approach allows us to design concepts that go beyond the obvious and practical aspects such as the venue or the food. We have an experienced and perceptive team which enables us to focus on minuscule details which might not seem very noticeable but are important to make the guests feel comfortable. We keep an eye out for anything that the average person might overlook.

Kaamakazi boasts of professionals who have demonstrated expertise in event management to ensure smooth resolution of any problems during execution. A person with expertise in this field will be a better judge of what might go wrong and set things straight accordingly so that the event goes by smoothly.

We believe that corporate events have immense potential to help engage current employees and connect with the consumers on a more personal level. When the customers have a platform where they interact with a brand in a one-on-one manner, they reciprocate by offering brand loyalty. Thus, we utilise our skills and experience to deliver realistic, on time and budget friendly solutions that leave a long-lasting impression on the consumers as well as our clients.

Event planning is what we are passionate about and it is our responsibility at Kaamakazi to understand your vision and transform it into a magnificent reality. We look at events differently and take into account the inputs and requirements of our clients, considering them as the perfect opportunity to deliver an unforgettable and hassle-free experience.

To know more about us, please visit our services section and call us to know more.